What is? Leak Buster

It is a study through which it seeks to reduce energy and monetary waste through Leaks throughout the pneumatic distribution and production network in companies that use compressed air as one of their main sources of energy.

Study of leaks in compressed air systems

What benefits does it have?

  • Reduction of noise pollution.

  • Reduction of noise pollution.

  • Extension of the useful life of the compressors.

  • Less expense for corrective maintenance.

  • Consumption according to production.

  • Instant savings.

How do we do it?

The leak study consists of 3 stages.

Stage 1

A diagnosis of the severity of leaks in a plant is made by leaving a compressor on for 30 minutes without production or use of air of any kind, with this the client is made aware of the energy and monetary waste due to leak present in your system, as well as technical data that helps maintenance personnel figure out the severity of the problem.

Stage 2

A tour is perform throughout the plant and with the help of an ultrasonic tool, the leaks present in the production area, workshops and distribution network (typical places where compressed air is used) are detected. Once found, we label the leaks with a color code that helps the customer to easily find them and also understand the severity of each one.

Stage 3:

A new study is perform using the same method as for the diagnosis stage, once the client has repaired the leaks, the analysis graphically and numerically shows the behavior of the system and a comparison is made between the "before" and "after", and with this the real savings and ROI are determined for each individual

What includes?

Stage 1

Shows severity graphically and numerically.

Stage 2

The leak study consists of 3 stages:

  • Walk through the inspection area tagging leaks.

  • Leaks separated by severity.

  • Waste due to leaks found.

  • Unit waste of each leak.

  • Recommendations for eliminating leaks.

  • Percentage that each severity level represents with respect to total leak wastage and its impact on savings.

  • Images of each leak.

Stage 3

  • Comparison report between pre-repair and post-repair behavior of leaks for validation.

  • Savings determination.

  • Return on investment.

For new clients

  • Installation of Cloudview monitoring equipment during leak study.

  • Ultrasonic tool and trained personnel.

  • Sessions to present results and resolve doubts.

  • Displays severity graphically and numerically.

Besides Clients with PMST

  • Stage 1 and 3 free.

  • Ultrasonic tool and trained personnel.

  • Sessions to present results and resolve doubts.

How do we devise your energy saving plan?

Industries like yours are saving millions in consumption energetic. Imagine the potential, act now.

We request an electricity bill and information about the production process.
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We analyze the monitored information and develop a report with the savings opportunities.
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