What is?

We help you to make the most of energy waste from the process, we design systems that recover energy from fluids that normally become waste, to avoid consuming electricity that is normally used to meet production.

Some of them are: drinking water, heat recovery, gas flows and waste fluids.

Energy waste analysis

What benefits does it have?

  • Reduce energy, monetary and environmental impact.

  • Reduces the waste of energy resources (water, electricity, gases and fluids).

  • Minimizes the cost of unnecessary maintenance.

How do we do it?

You share your utility bills with us, we take a tour to identify the project in which you want to minimize water use and identify the method of use, we analyze the information to quickly share a list of questions that only the user can complete, then we present the proposal with the most attractive return on investment in addition to a projection of the reduction of energy, water and pollutants to the environment.

CFE receipt

What includes?

  • Advice on public expense receipts.

  • Training on the best practices for the use of machines and a list of actions to perform.

  • Return on investment.

  • A comprehensive proposal with a projection of the reduction of energy, water and pollutants to the environment.

How do we devise your energy saving plan?

Industries like yours are saving millions in consumption energetic. Imagine the potential, act now.


We request an electricity bill and information about the production process.

CFE receipt

We installed and enabled our monitoring tool. Logo CloudView+

Know more

We analyze the monitored information and develop a report with the savings opportunities.

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